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Motor Vehicle Accident

Steps to take to begin the proccess

If you have been in a recent Motor Vehicle Accident, the insurance process can be confusing and overwhelming. If you plan on going through insurance for your massage therapy sessions there is a specific and time sensitive process that must be completed beforehand. This process must be completed prior to any treatments at Minerva Massage & Wellness.


1. Referral

Before booking any massage treatments you must first get a referral from a primary health are provider. This includes a Chiropractor, a Physiotherapist, or your Medical Physician. They must complete a few forms and then you need to submit them directly to your insurance company. Your massage therapist will also require a copy of these form before beginning the treatments.

2. Complete AB-1 Form

It is important for you to know that by completing the AB-1 Form you may be eligible to start a limited number of treatments with your primary health care provider prior to confirmation from your insurance company. This form must be filed out within 10 days of the original accident.

3. Assignment of Treatments

Once an assessment has been completed on your injuries, your medical professional (Physio, RMT, Acupuncturist, Chiro etc) will assign either 10 or 21 treatments. These treatments can be used towards physiotherapy, chiropractor or massage therapy. You have control over which modality or combination of modalities you would like to use. 

4. Insurance Confirmation

At this time we DO offer direct billing for MVA massage treatments, therefore you will need to have the above steps done and processed prior to booking your first massage with us. We recommend that you receive confirmation from your insurance company that you will be covered and for how many treatments. 

5. Booking a Massage

Once you have had an assessment, been assigned treatments and have had confirmation from your insurance company, you can book your massage with one of our therapists. We will require a copy of your AB-2 Form, so make sure you bring this with you or email a copy to When booking an appointment leave a note stating your primary health care providers name and contact information so that we may contact them if necessary. Please note that there will be a separate accident assessment form to be completed. Your therapist will also do a physical assessment before your treatment. Please plan accordingly and come a few minutes early.

We understand that this is a lengthy process but taking the right steps from the beginning will lead to a smoother and ultimately more effective treatment plan! 

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